Last night’s totally unpredicted sudden thunderstorm came soon after I got off the No. 6 bus. A university graduate student ran with me to the Illinois Central aqueduct area for shelter. He tried to call the university’s SAFE RIDE to ask for a ride for us but no one answered. It is summer vacation and almost 8 p.m. I called a neighbor who valiantly braved the thunderstorm to pick us up and take us home. There was hail with the strong rain. There were thunderous thunder claps. And very strong winds that made us think there might be a tornado coming. When Don picked us up, the aqueduct was beginning to flood and he reported that the Severe weather report that interrupted his TV watching (including my call of HELP!) reported 50-60 miles per hour winds. Thus, early this morning, I went out to check the garden to see if there was extensive damage. It was not the usual summer morning…no birds tweeting…no stray cats watching me…no sun shine. But despite last night’s stormy experience, there was really no damage, except a few leaves that fell to the ground. Leaves from my favorite bitter melon vine, eggplant, sweet red pepper, and a leaf from one zucchini plant. How does Mother Nature come down in such fury and leave us still connected to some trunk. I believe it is because we have roots…roots that keep us grounded firmly. Today, I am grateful for having deep roots.

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